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A New Season
Mar 29, 2023

“But Thou O Lord art a shield for me. You are my glory and the Lifter of my head.” Psalm 3:3

He is.

I have had the privilege of having this website for 25 years. It was a joy to share articles to encourage your faith and to mark seasons in our lives. It is time to move on. If you wish to reach me, I am on Facebook and my email is I am still writing, mentoring, and speaking. Our God is faithful.

God bless you,                                       

Billie Cash

Acts 17:28
“InHim we live and move and have our being“
This will always be my life verse.

Feb 16, 2020

You show that you are a letter from Christ…written not with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.
2 Corinthians 3:3

As a Navy wife for 30 years, I anxiously looked for the mailman every day. I waited for a letter from Roy. It was the highlight of my day to receive one. So precious it was to be able to read his words over and over again.
It was a gift of immediacy.
As I read, he was present to me.
There was joy and sometimes tears.
I began to understand his job and responsibilities.
I sensed his perspective on life.
I yearned for his presence.
I wanted to be an encouragement to him.
I missed him because I loved him.
Letters were a tangible means of communicating and I learned to treasure letters of love from  my husband.
I could hold them in my hands.

In those days, there were no cells phones, e-mail or skype.
One had to purpose to stay connected– to keep the flame of love alive. Months would pass before we would be reunited. In war or peace, God was training us to look for HIM and then live for HIM.
It was a cherished time as I look back now.
Our God built faithfulness and trust into our relationship and our love grew for each other.
This unfolded because His Love letter was available to me in the Bible.
I discovered that He is faithful.
I yearned to know more about Him.
I was drawn to prayer.
Finally I began to see how my life should look through the lens of His love.
Joy came.
Devotion was birthed.
I found my way to home every day to The Love of God.
Scripture was a love letter to me and to Roy.
We could read it, pray, it, meditate it, study it and live it.
The sustaining power of His love Letter sustained.
The encompassing reach of His Love Letter reached.
The unending assurance of His love letter assured.

As I internalized His love  daily by hiding it within my heart, a  concern for others began to flow.
Serving is simply giving away what has been given to you.
How profound is the impact of His Love!
One day, without realizing it, His love came forth to another.
If you are reading this devotional and wondering if God loves you– He Does.
If you need a place to start your journey with Him– Read His Word.
If you can believe HE loves you and will receive HIM… Just invite Him.
How do I know?
The Bible tells me so.
Jesus came for you and me.
His love is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Our sin is the foreboding darkness that blocks His love.
The CROSS is the symbol of His complete love for us.
A Perfect Sacrifice was exchanged for our pardon.
The gift is forgiveness and a new beginning.
Open your heart to His love Letter.
Tell Him all about your life.
Become His forever.
YOU can.
Then YOU will be His love Letter to someone else.
Yeah God!!


The Lord’s Servant
Dec 01, 2019

How can this be,” Mary asked the angel…”? Luke 1:34
This young Jewish girl knew she was a virgin. She must have been in a state of utter amazement when the prononcement came that she was to have a child.

he Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the most high will overshadow you so the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God…” Luke 1:35

Mary was chosen for this Divine appointment because she was pure, devoted, faith filled and made ready by God Almighty.

Even though it seemed an impossibility– she received and believed.

” For with God nothing is impossible.” Luke 1:37


What are your impossibilities?

Is there a roadblock, a mountain– a “no way through“?

Our God loves the impossible because when HE does it –you and I will never be able to take credit for it! We are living in a time where the extreme is the normal and the normal doesn’t seem to exist.

BUT OUR GOD Is still WITH US.( Acts 17:27)
We are not alone.

HE knows ALL things because HE IS IN ALL THINGS!

On our own–We run out of time, love, money, patience and eventually hope.

IN HIM the very impossibility becomes a bridge of faith to the impossible!

Mary answered the overwhelming challenge with these words– ” I am the Lord’s servant.” Luke1:38a
Are you?

If you are, then– the IMPOSSIBLITIES of your life are pregnant with supernatural POSSIBILITY!

Mary acknowledged the SOVEREIGNTY of God when she said” May it be to me as you have said.” Mark 1:38b

Mary birthed Jesus, the Savior of the world.

From that moment forward– impossibilities became possible!


Because as HE grew into manhood and went to a Cross, shedding His blood for the sin of all mankind ( yours and mine)– we were given the eternal gift of belonging to God– FOREVER– identity, resource, a family!

Hallelujah what a Savior!
Born in a  lowly manager, HE was.
Everything surrounding his birth seemed impossible.

What is surrounding your life at this moment?

Surrender your burden to the burden bearer.
HE has enough of whatever you need.

He is the gift.

Your heart could be the manager for His spiritual life in you.

Jesus says, ” Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Lay down your pain, anxiety, fear, isolation–your past and open your heart to Jesus.

If you are a believer bogged down in circumstance– give it over to Him. Reclaim your inheritance as a servant. He loves to ” make all things new.” Look to Him –the author and finisher of your faith. HE IS ABLE.

If you have never been assured that you are his child– pray with me:
” Jesus, I come to YOU. Yes, I ‘ve messed up my life but I long to know YOU. I need to belong to YOU. I want YOU as my Savior, my God, my Refuge. Forgive me. Cleanse me from all my sin for I do believe YOU went to a CROSS long ago and shed your blood for me– for my sin. Thank YOU. From this moment forward I will choose to believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE— because I now KNOW I belong to YOU as your child. I want to be YOUR SERVANT. I now believe and receive. Hear my prayer for I do pray it in YOUR NAME alone.”

Let us vow to remember what His birth brought to this world.

Christmas begins in the heart.

Merry Christmas to all.


God Bless each of you,


Christmas  2019

Following the Trail of Autumn Leaves
Nov 25, 2019

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the sun…

 A time to plant and a time to uproot…

 A time to weep and a time to laugh…

 A time to embrace and a time to refrain…

A time to keep and and a time to throw away…. ” Ecclesiastes 1:1,2b,4,5,6b

As I approach Autumn a  reflective stirring begins within my soul.

It was a change I feared  in my young Navy wife years  for usually my husband went on deployments  aboard aircraft carriers in the Fall… so I felt  loss.  There was a void  to be filled. Anxiety and loneliness would settle upon me like the  falling leaves of a tree shedding her excess.

My heart felt stripped of joy, exposed, abandoned.

Many military families back home live with these  feelings.

But I was not alone.

I was in a season of change.

My Heavenly Father was present  and ready to take me through but I had to reach out for His Love, His Comfort, His Presence.

I found comfort in His Word.

” Yet You are near , O Lord. and all Your commands are true.” Psalm119:151

I found confidence in prayer.

” Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for Himself. he will answer when I call.” Psalm 4:3

I found a way to live with expectancy and hope.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Isiah 40:31

Really? Yes, really.

Asking God to guide your  steps  each day in every decision is establishing  a rooted faith that will grow and flourish like a mighty oak  tree as the seasons come.

Now that I am a grandmother I look at the Autumn with a deep satisfaction in the Sufficiency of a God who is able  to sustain because HE remains.


Because HE has proven His faithfulness day by day, night by night, moment to moment to me.

” The Lord  is faithful to all his promises.”Psalm 145:13

And now in the falling Autumn leaves I see God’s beauty in the weathering shades of  crushed crimson, muted gold, burnt umber and vintage yellow.

They are in transformation…

The tree remains rooted though denuded.

And so do we.

The momentary trail of leaves draws us to follow where change has brought us.

In war or peace, God is with us.

In planting or  uprooting, God has purpose.

In weeping or laughing, God reveals His love.

In embracing or refraining ,God steadies our faith.

In keeping or throwing away, God sculpts our character.

Seasons of faith must have pruning, nurturing and then blossoming.

Where will His Trail of Autumn Leaves lead you this year?

Will it be a move, a financial set back, a rite of passage with a child, an illness  of a parent, a job loss?

Will  it be a wedding, a graduation, the birth of a child,  a  bright creativity you discover?

Will  you decide to see God’s beauty in the midst of less or more?

You can.

Pray for the troops. Send them care packages. Be thankful that  you can sleep in cushioned beds  at night and awaken to enjoy this Autumn because  they are on watch in distant lands.  Adopt one and his or her family.Make a difference for a man or woman serving in the Armed Forces this Autumn.

If you do you will visit Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Korea, Germany– all around the world!

God will bless your life  as you bless others and  a Trail of loving concern will be visible to those who follow.

Someone is always watching and waiting .

” He makes everything beautiful in His time.  He has also set eternity in the hearts of men.” Ecclesiastes 1:11a

As we act in faith , God will intervene, heal , strengthen, mend, rescue, and  provide.

God Bless our troops!

God Bless  America!

God Bless you for responding!


WEB SITES FOR TROOPS: — This will direct you to several places. (baskets for military under $30– no shipping costs)  special foods — a site to buy socks for troops which they need. Winter is coming.



The Unfolding Light of Easter
Apr 15, 2019

The unfolding of Your Word gives light; it gives understanding to the simple…

 Righteous are YOU, O Lord…

 Your promises have been thoroughly tested and Your servant loves them… YOU ARE NEAR.

Psalm 119: 130, 137a, 140, 151a


Flowers unfold in sunlight.

Birds sing their hearts out  in early  morning light.

Star shine emerges in  moonlight.

Clouds are ribbons framing our days.

Winds roam about rustling the trees of the earth.

Rains and waters replenish the soil.

The heavens declare God’s  Glory… But in one dark night long ago…. there was an agony so profound that  CREATION must have groaned helplessly until dawn.

It was a night of shadows and shattered dreams and the earth quaked with fear.

The Jesus of scripture was crucified on a CROSS for the sins of the world, all people, all generations, all races … ALL.

A borrowed tomb, a broken people were hopeless.

The disciples ran.

Three days passed.

Did flowers bloom?

Did birds sing?

Did anyone care?

Beloved women came to the Tomb in early light  to bring spices to anoint Jesus’ Body.

The mammoth stone had been rolled away. Surprised  by a  holy light as they entered the sepulchre, a luminous angel on watch said; He is not here. He is risen… Go quickly and tell His disciples He is risen from the dead and behold He goes before you into Galilee. There you shall see Him.  Matthew 28:6-8

With great amazement and  joy, they ran to tell the disciples this incredible news.  Along the way they encountered  Jesus. With awe they touched His feet and worshiped Him before they continued the journey to Galilee.( v9-10)






The Resurrection of Christ is the cornerstone of Christianity.

Even Josephus, a Jewish historian wrote convincingly about the evidence he investigated supporting this miracle.

Those who follow Christ learn to live in His Light.

For with you is the fountain of light; In your light we see light. Psalm 36:9

We have relationship.

We have the Word of God.

We can ask for His guidance.

Blessed are those who acclaim you; who have learned to walk in the light of your presence, O LORD. Psalm 89:15

The Righteous Light of Christ leads the simple to understanding.

We are simple and need understanding.

Conquering death, HE became the UNFOLDING LIGHT OF EASTER.

As we embrace this LIGHT, we discover that HIS PROMISES are thoroughly tested and we grow to love them.

We hold on them.

We proclaim them.

We live them out.

We create through them.

We rest in them.

We die in them.

Light dispels darkness.

Truth uncovers deception.

A cleansed heart knows light.

Sin fears discovery.


Have you experienced the UNFOLDING LIGHT of EASTER?

It is incredibly life giving, glorious, gracious and grace filled.

It is a a Finished work.

What then should we do?

Open your heart to Christ.

Ask Him to come and be YOUR LORD.

Confess all the ugliness you know.

Take your time.

His Light will make you brand new.

If you do, welcome to the family of God.

A Blessed Easter  will be yours.


Acts 17:28





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