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Windows of Assurance – Reader Comments

Here are a few of the comments we have received from people who have read “Windows of Assurance.”

“This is a book I wish all young parents would read to see your way of directing and guiding. It is very inspirational and motivational; but very interesting and regular, down to earth kind of living and coping.”
~ Frances W.

“I read “Windows of Assurance” last night; it captured my heart. This is the story, not of a woman’s personal greatness or achievements, but of the greatness of God as He lovingly stoops to care of one of His little children in moments of need. Your experiences brought a flood of memories, both good and bad, from my own life. The common thread was the knowledge that God was present with me and carried me through them all. As I thought about the book this morning, the hymn rang in my mind, ‘His eye is on the sparrow; and I know He watches me.'”

Mrs. Cash, I am a Southern Baptist Missionary to Western Europe (WE). I work with 375 missionaries throughout that part of the world. In many of our countries, fewer than 3% know Jesus as Lord; in some, fewer than 1%. However, many American Christians do not see WE as a mission field. That’s a formula for discouragement for missionaries. I’d like to send my copy of Windows of Assurance” to our regional prayer advocate and recommend that she offer this to each of our 225 family on the field. I’m sure they will all find it to be a source of encouragement.”
~ Chris M.

“This book was designed for this time. I knew it, but needed to hear that again. In the opposition that we face every day, we need to hear those words again and again. Yes, I do believe the four of you were molded and fashioned — on the pottery wheel, no less, for this time. There is great fear and a general weariness that has fallen on our nation. Last week (11 Sept.) we were thinking about ‘them’ — those poor people in New York. This week we know the whole thing is about ‘us’.”
~ Judy C.

“This is more than a great piece of writing, it’s transcending in it’s ability to minister and change lives. Someone has said, ‘we are only changed by the people we need and the books we read.’ … Praise to our God, and you Billie, for your faithfulness to never give up…”
~ Peggy D.

“I just had to let you know what a blessing your book has been to me this week. A very good friend of mine gave me your book after the sudden death of my father… I didn’t pick it up for a few days, but one day I turned off the telephone and began reading a tribute that you written about your Dad (my friend had placed a bookmark there). As I began reading your tribute I just felt so much love and peace in knowing how my Dad was sitting there in the presence of our Lord and how happy he must be. There is so much comfort in knowing and trusting in that wonderful thought. … Thank you for your wonderful book and sharing your love for the Lord with all of us!”
~ Lee G.

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