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Tribute to Derick Bingham

Life is a gift to be  celebrated.

Death in Christ Jesus is a promise of  Glory to those who believe. John 14:13

Irish Bible teacher, pastor, prolific  author Derick Bingham has entered his eternal reward.

I am your shield , your very great reward. Genesis 15:1

Unimaginable Joy has come.

In his last book North of Shadowlands he has compiled  the  insightful amazing letters he wrote during his cancer illness.

Any one who is in this battle would be strengthened by this “wee” book.

His words enrich the soul and develop a hunger for the Christ  of scripture .

I was briefly introduced to Mr. Bingham  once at a Book Exposition in 2001 in  Atlanta by our publisher Dr. Sam Lowry.

I have never had a  real conversation with him.

I have never heard him teach the Word.

When  he agreed to write the Foreword to my book The Shelter, Finding Strength To Keep Watch, I was so deeply humbled and grateful.

In a discourse about America, I heard and received the intuitive affirmation he has given thousands of writers as he urged them on to pursue  Righteousness,Truth, Beauty, Godliness for the cause of Christ.

Therefore what I know I have learned from reading his books and becoming an intercessor for him and his family during this arduous, but fruitful year of suffering– this spacious place that  was allowed for a season. ( Psalm 31)

During these many months, I read and learned, prayed and petitioned.

” … Then Margaret came, vivacious, gifted and filled

With something in which she is highly skilled:

People call it ‘common sense’–

But  it isn’t common and its effect is immense.

Self effacing, always a shunner of hype,

She walked into my life on Friday night.”  The Hawthorn Scent

His Helpmeet  Margaret  was just that but  so much more.

Kathryn Ruth and twins Claire and Kerrie completed the family circle.

First came Kathryn–“And to God we give glory for bringing Kathryn into our life’s story…

Three years later  Doctor Dornan delivered the twins.

” With his famous humor and legendary skill,

He safely delivered  Claire and Kerrie, and still

Margaret speaks of him  to this very day,

For his infectious attitude  and inspiring way”.  The Hawthorn Scent

In God’s grace a beloved wife and endearing daughters were added to his life forming a true  foundation of love, acceptance and understanding.  When a man has succeeded  in this realm, he has something to say for  indeed they were a part of everything he wrote, every sermon he preached, every day he lived.

A home established on the rock of Christ will stand.

Storms  do come ….. threatening to wash away our solid ground, but they cannot if we live a life in Christ Jesus.

No longer is  Derick Bingham  North of Shadowlands.

Face to Face, Faith to Faith–  FOREVER in the presence of the One for whom he served, loved, wrote and lived.

Now we must give thanks  to God for his  example and  bear witness to those who  are  left behind.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my  life and I will dwell live in the house of the Lord FOREVER. Psalm 23

It did.

His influence for generations will be incalculable until the roll call in Glory.

His love for Literature will shape poetic minds with beauty.

His love for scripture will seed evangelists,  preachers, and Bible teachers.

His love for THE GOSPEL will challenge apologists to think, debate and deliver God’s TRUTH  unapologetically.

His love for his nation Ireland  and its people will inspire others to stand for righteousness.

His love for learning will challenge the slothful but gifted to advance.

His love for humanity across the world will draw many to The CROSS.

His love for his family will be  reproduced in the legacy of faith that he carried…. FOREVER

March 6– The Smouldering Flax p.62

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers , they shall not overflow you…

Isaiah 43:2a

” The promise in this verse is that, no matter how threatening the water, it will not overflow us. We will not be spared ‘out’ of rising water, but ‘ in’ it.  The hand that held the sinking Peter is as strong as ever  it was. The Children of Israel passed through the Red Sea and the Jordan, and we will  pass through  the troubled waters of our  circumstance…. The famous writer, Thomas Carlyle, born in Ecclefechan in Scotland, once told how his father had taken him on horseback across a river spey.  They crossed safely but he made the comment that if his mother had been carrying him, she would have been carrying him face- to- face across the freezing , dark, and daunting waters.”

Derick Bingham did pass through and the Bright and Morning Star greeted him.

He wrote his own epitaph in North of Shadowlands.

The cross is my glory,

The Lord is my song,

His  face I shall touch,

Before very long.

At those feet sorely wounded,

I will soon gladly fall,

Never once regretting,

Seeking to give Him my all,

If I had a thousand lives,

He could have every one,

I ‘m heading for the light,

That comes from behind the sun!

We celebrate his life and contribution with reverence.

We grieve with his family and rejoice in his reward.

A writer’s heart mourns for more.

Ireland is FOREVER knitted in my soul.

Resolution number one: I will live for God.

Resolution Number Two: If no one does I still will.

Jonathan Edwards

Will you?

We must.


Billie Cash

2 Responses to “Tribute to Derick Bingham”

  1. Nina Ruth says:

    May his family be comforted. I agree…we must…advance…even if no one does, we still will walk with God…we are heading into the Home stretch…Derek just beat us to it…! 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    That was beautiful, Billie!

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