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The Shelter – Finding Strength to Keep Watch

The ShelterSometimes there is a suddenly in our lives. An icy, pelting rain intrudes and abruptly ends the loveliness of Autumn’s lingering beauty. Overnight, the trees are stripped of their leaves. Sometimes the suddenly involves our personal lives…a broken family, a crushing estrangement, an untimely death, a critical job loss. We too are laid bare. Sometimes the suddenly is the breaking of a nation that has forgotten the God who watches faithfully and yearns for our return. America is at a crossroads and so are we. He is the shelter we run into to find strength to keep watch over beauty, health, legacy and liberty. His strength is unparalleled, uncompromising and unending. Come to the Shelter! Find strength. Life with God is LIFE abundant. Barren can become beautiful once again.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hi Billie! I just ordered your new book, The Shelter! I could not order it on your site…so went to Ambassador International site to order. I am looking forward to another great book from you. I know it’ll minister to me, as I loved A Pillow on the Highway – your most recent book! God bless, Love, Donna

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