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Starting Over

January has come and gone.

February is not long.

A year records our time,

As bells of memory chime.

Are we older, bolder, blessed?

Did we leave behind a mess?

Is the answer yes, Yes, YES?

It is…our hearts confess… but God is with us… YES, once more.

Starting over is not a chore for One whose promises are true.

¬†Behold a new thing I’ll do.

I’ll make a way for you…

In snow and ice, in rain and sleet, my love will hover as you sleep.

In desert places hope will rise.

And springtime joy will find blue skies.

Storms also will appear… but remember He is near.

Starting over is the way… for faith to bloom in us each day.

Embrace this moment.

The past is past.

The future awaits.

His Love will last.

He watches all with plans galore.

Breathe in His Love and ask for more.

As winter leaves, spring will¬† call ” Our God Reigns over all.”










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