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Click Here to Order Prayersurge” Who is this that rises… like rivers of surging waters?” Jeremiah 46:7

It is the one who prays.
It is you and me.
God is calling us to pray for one another, to surge in prayer.

My new Book PRAYERSURGE has been released this month.
I am awed at the timing and the Hand of God in the writing of this book.
A year ago before the horror of Katrina’s storm surge devastated our Gulf Coast and before Rita surged and storms continued to hit Florida, God placed within my heart this metaphor and created the flow of this book.
Storms surge.
Armies surge.
Anger surges.
So does PRAYER!
It must!
We are called to be His.
We are called to pray.

A look back at Andrew Murray and George Mueller’s lives revealed how the discipline of prayer became a living reality in generations past.
A look into God ‘s Word at the lives of Hannah, Daniel and Esther revealed the work of prayer lived out in crisis, the triumph of pilgrims who practiced it.
A look at the lens of today reveals experiences which unfold the power to go through circumstances and see God’s hand in it.

God wants us to become a praying people.

” Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for Himself;
the Lord will hear when I call to Him.” Psalm 4:3

This book is birthed out of my own cry as well as the lives of others.
There are stories to inspire you and principles of prayer to challenge you.

I have been writing this book all my life.

The endorsements are rich with diversity and and experience
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Be blessed this Holiday season and “surge in prayer for another.”
He is Lord,
Love to you,

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