woman of faith


“Lord, Thou has been our dwelling place in all generations.” Psalm 90:1(RSV)

The faithfulness of God has always been and will be.

Thank YOU LORD for all YOU have done this past year in our lives.
YOU have seen our frailty, our lack, our desire, our set backs.
YOU have carried us THROUGH.
Many times we were unaware of YOUR Divine Hand but YOU WERE there for us as YOU have been for all generations.
Thank YOU for being a God of the past , the present and the future, an ever present, “Hands On” Father.
How we need YOU!
There were moments when we felt lost and unable, moments that the pressure was so great that we almost went under, moments of anxiety which robbed us of focus and faith.
Then we remembered YOU and YOU came.
We called to YOU and suddenly there was only YOUR PRESENCE breathing upon our lives, saving us, urging us on, releasing us to potential. galvanizing the body of Christ to surround us and we encountered YOU —-EVERYTIME!
Hallelujah what a Savior!
There is no success without YOU!
YOU were there when our joy spilled over in gratitude!
Glorious God of the ages who is up close and personal, we believe YOU have plans for us in 2006, plans for good and not for evil, plans to give us a future and a hope!
We want YOUR Path!
Ours are too small, too restrictive, too mundane.
Come and direct us, Lord.
Come and show us where we are to go and what we are to do.
Close every door that is not YOUR PERFECT WILL.
Open some impossible ones and prepare our hearts with an expectancy born in heaven and given to us!
We want to walk with YOU, arm and arm through out this new year and delight in the wonder of YOUR LOVE.
We want others to find it.
Ready them, Lord!
Ready us!
We sense a great awakening this year in our hearts and our world.
This bright new year awaits!
We have never lived it before.
And YOU are the same God for each of us.
YOU are watching.

“…The eyes of the Lord your God are continually on (us) from the beginning of the year to the end.” Deuteronomy 11:12b

So take our hand and give us the courage for the next tiny step or the long leap.
We realize there will be mountains and valleys but we will stay close enough to grasp YOUR Hand in all.
Touch our families with YOUR GRACE and MERCY!

Break through!
Break out!
Break in!

We seek you as questions form in our minds remining us of the journey past and the journey to come.

Can I declare that I am I stronger in my faith than I was a year ago?
Can I name the weakness that attempts to takes God out of my life every day?
Can I say that God’s Word is now a friend and not a stranger to me?
Can I call upon the Name Of Jesus with authority knowing He will come?

How faithful is our God.

HE has been the dwelling place in all generations.
He still is.
Come, Lord Jesus and lead us on–into the new year, bright with promise and and filled with Hope!
We pray in His Name this day with expectancy and joy!
Bless each one who prays this prayer with more faith and love for YOU.

Happy new year dear friends.


All for the Kingdom,


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