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Holy Father;
How we love YOU!
How thankful we are for all YOU accomplished in each of our lives in 2007.
YOU carried us through much.
Faithful Father how we seek YOU once again.
Give us MORE of YOU this year…for then there will be less of us.
What needs to go?
What must stay?
What changes should we pursue to please YOU?
Cleanse our hearts of self fulfillment.
Casual faith is a casualty breeding discontent.
Purposeful faith is an offering of deliberate devotion by Grace.
YOU long for us to seek YOUR heart and it is ALWAYS for others.
Therefore we bow down and ask for YOUR plans for us…little or much.
” All our fountains are in YOU.” Psalm 87:7b
The schedule is orchestrated by YOU.
The strength to accomplish is supplied by YOU.
Come Lord Jesus, we invite YOU to make this year fruitful, beneficial and fulfilling to YOUR Kingdom.
We are the army of God.
YOUR army always has provision.
Add or delete.
Subtract or multiply.
“Teach me YOUR way O Lord and I will walk in YOUR truth;
Give me an undivided heart that I may fear YOUR name. ” Psalm 86:11
Keep us focused, faithful and fervent in prayer.
Reveal the wonder of Jesus at every turn.
Create a hunger for The Word and a desire for fellowship with others.
Position ” God Encounters” along the journey.
Then we shall be prepared “ready to do whatever is good” Titus 3:1c
The battle will come, but so will the King of Kings.
We’ll wage it under Divine Authority and Guidance and we shall win.
Our God wins.
Surprise us.
Stretch us.
Set us apart.
Saturate our lives with YOUR transparency.
With anticipation we seek YOUR Hand in the work that lies ahead.
With joy we await YOUR bidding.
” The prospect of the righteous is joy.” Proverbs 10:28a
Thank YOU for the lessons of 2007 and for the new beginnings of 2008.
Bless us we pray as we come together embracing 2008 with ONE VOICE in YOUR NAME.

2 Responses to “PRAYER FOR NEW YEAR 2008”

  1. Donna says:

    What a beautiful prayer Billie! I pray in agreement. I also pray for the Lord’s will to be done, concerning the elections for Nov. and for the safety of our President and his family, and our leaders. God is good and what joy and peace there is, in serving Him!

  2. Annette Hunt says:

    Dearest Billie, How much we need prayer for 2008. God is not the author of confusion, yet our economy, politics,
    environment, weather – all seem confused. How can we help but pray! Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in dire situations, even persecutions, both in foriegn countries and our own country. Thank you for lifiting our voices and hearts to Him, who is able! God responds to fervent prayer of the righteous! Let us pray fervently.

    May your family have a blessed Easter!

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