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Pillow on the Highway Endorsements

Christ’s middle cry of victory on the cross was, in the Gospel text, a single word, telestai. It means ‘it has been and will forever remain finished.’ In this unique book Billie Cash shows us that Christ’s mighty finished work opens to us a rest that our frantic modern world will never deliver. In a deeply creative and most refreshing way Billie draws her reader out after this awesomely available rest. Here is comfort for the suffering, wisdom for the busy, insight for the thoughtful and inspiration on every page.

Derek Bingham
Adjunct professor of English Literature, John Brown University, AR
Lecturer, prolific author
Belfast, Ireland

Billie powerfully writes once again drawing her readers to seek and experience spiritual truth. This time it is God’s rest. An effective communicator and dear friend she personally unfolds a life of balance that voices love, strength and joy.

Dale Buehring
Crown Ministries, International
Apache Junction, Arizona

I enjoyed reading and recapturing in your thoughts once again my love and passion for JESUS. I pray that all who read it will also experience the love of Christ…immediately and powerfully.

Wendy Muendler
Daughter in Christ, mother of Maya and Lucy
Oberreichenbach, Germany

Your book is inspiring and your style of writing unique and poetic. By using simple things and situations all around us to describe God’s abundant and gracious providence, we discover we can truly rest in and trust in our God, who is our pillow.

Mark Gollop
Dorset, England

Your book has a simple message but a BIG truth. Find rest in God. In chapter Three you said, “We build altars for ourselves to catch up, sleep-in, play up, vegetate or let down. We are exhausted and spent because we have forgotten HIM…the altar of me is exhausting.� How true. The chapters are honest vignettes which pull out truth from God’s Word. Your book is a refreshing view of life lived out, lived in, and resting in Jesus Christ. A Pillow on the Highway caused me to ask where the good way is and then purpose to walk in it.

Shea Portman
Mom to Sami and Caylin,
Hillsborough, North Carolina

In A Pillow on the Highway, Billie reminds us that when we relinquish control in our lives we find God revealing the rest HE has promised. Billie thrills us with His Sovereignty while encouraging us with His comfort.

Peggy McGaha
Women’s ministry
Papillion, Nebraska

Billie writes in a way in which all women can identify. This book is both inspiring and comforting. God’s Word leaps from its pages. I loved it.

Tomi Beckemeyer
Medical Aesthetician
Memphis, Tennessee

I will never look at REST the same way again. Jeremiah 6:16 will always remind me of your life and love of Jesus but most of all I will be cognizant of this truth; true rest will be mine as long as I walk with HIM.

Patricia Sellers
Avid reader, walker, sister in faith
Bahama, North Carolina

Your chapters are eloquent, insightful and full of grace-led words of encouragement. The stories you share are endearing and will touch the heart of every woman who reads them. Thank you, Billie. This book “watered my soul.�

Cora R. Blinsmon
Writer, traveler, mom
Durham, North Carolina

This book will minister to others what ever their need or circumstance. It has caused me to look to Jesus reminding me of His faithfulness. I pray your readers will hear God speak to them through your openness and transparency. It has been a joy to read.

Pat Maxwell
Grandmother of six, great grandmother of three, prayer partner.
Germantown, Tennessee

The message of this book will encompass all readers. In one of Billie’s stories she writes about robins building a nest and birthing their young. The wonder of life in them was translated into the gift of life in me. Provision is rest and it has been written by one of God’s beautiful servants, Billie Cash, Thank you. I pray we will all find our “Pillow on the Highway.�

Teressa Gamble
Wife to John, mother to Alise and John Ridgell, runner
Charleston, South, Carolina

A Pillow on the Highway richly draws us into God’s presence. Billie captures the true experience of surrender and acknowledges the splendor of God’s glory. Thank you Billie, for keeping us on course and driving us ahead in our journey of living in the Word of God. The only real solace found amongst the busyness and the brokenness of this world is God’s Word for it is the answer to our every need, our resting place.

Jan Fugler
Director of Women’s Ministries at West Bowles Community Church
Littleton, Colorado

Billie lives what she writes. In A Pillow on the Highway, she is walking through the crushing experience of her mother’s descent into physical frailty and dementia. This book is a syllabus on surviving and overcoming circumstances that can overwhelm and destroy us. Read it and weep, read it and conquer, read it and prevail in the face your darkness as you learn to rest in Christ alone.

Jim Meyer; D.D.S
Memphis, Tennessee

A Pillow on the Highway is a strong message about how we have lost our way. The picture is the story of our lives. Each chapter brings us back to the only true rest, surrender, daily surrender to the sovereignty of God!

Peggy Davis
Author, teacher, prayer mentor, beloved friend
Virginia Beach Virginia

In A Pillow on the Highway, I cried and laughed as I pictured your walk in the rain with the Lord for I was reminded that God’s rain “washes away the toxins of fear and fatigue� in my life. The picture of the earthworms coming up for air when it rains because moisture is the vehicle that helps them cross over the hard concrete to the other side is just what I needed. God allows the rain to get me to the other side. As Billie communicated, His path requires radical devotion, surrender and then rest comes.

Denise Turner
Mom to three sons, Bible teacher, faithful praying friend.
Germantown, Tennessee

God comforts us in our trials so we may comfort others and that is what Billie does with her Holy Spirit-anointed words. Sometimes it seems we have a stone for a pillow but “recognizing God’s presence,� she “pours oil� on the hard place making it a memorial to God’s faithfulness. Her words have served to make my own “stone pillow� a sweeter place.

A.R. Bruno
Senor Editor, Christian Audio
San Diego, California

A Pillow on the Highway is calming, restful….devotional.

Pam Speien
Minnetoka, Minnesota

Children are at peace when those who care for them have learned to rest in God’s loving presence. I know this because long before my mother wrote this book I saw her live its truth. How many times as a little boy did I awaken to find her on her knees before God? How many times did she return from a solitary walk beaming even in the midst of turmoil and crossroads. With my father deployed in the Navy and often in harm’s way ours was a life of constant change and crossroads. A Pillow on the Highway is a living breathing exposition of Jeremiah 6:16 which brings into the brightest focus what the author has lived for decades and what God Almighty intends each of us to experience every day…a treasure of truth and testimony that will transform your life.

Lt. Carey Cash, US Navy Chaplain
Author of best seller, A Table in the Presence
Naples, Italy

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  1. Donna Mummery says:

    Billie, I just finished reading “A Pillow on the Highway”, and speaking for myself, this is your best book yet! Your book reawakened my passion to keep God first place in my life, and gave me much encouragement, refreshment, REST in God, and a longing to continue keeping Him LORD of my life. Growing up with a father who was an Air Force Fighter Pilot, we lived all over the world, which brought many changes, many different schools, ways of life, ect., which in turn, brought many crossroads. I didn’t always choose “the good way” or the Ancient Paths, because as you said, “my faith was fragile then and untested”. I am still learning the good way/Ancient Paths, but I can testify that God’s way IS the good way, and our way only leads to nothingness. I am also VERY grateful to have had Christian parents and grandparents, and ancestors!!!!

    I always enjoy the personal stories you share, and have experienced some “God moments/occasions” to identify with your stories and how wonderful that feeling is. I loved your Robin story and recently commented to my husband, at a park, how much I love Robins, because they LOOK so natural. I love their color. I LOVE Periwinkle blue (eggs), being as I am a blue lover anyway! That is one of my favorite shades of blue. The story was so touching, that I wept at the end, out of joy. LOL We are animal/nature lovers and love our baby birds, in our backyard, each year!! Plus, we have an adorable Parakeet, named Petey, who is our pride and joy, talking in COMPLETE sentences and even laughs!!!

    I loved being able to recognize a couple of the old hymns, we sang in our Methodist church, and loved singing along with your stanza’s!!! The whole book was FULL of wisdom, joy for me, uplifting encouragement, to press on in the Lord Jesus and I found at the end I was SAD. Why? Because there was NO MORE TO READ!!! I did not want the book to end! I would check to see how much more I had to read, thinking “no, no, don’t let it end”!! So, I am hoping there is another one to follow. God bless you Billie, for your faithfulness to God and for sharing your insight from God, with us. Love, Donna

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