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Ministry Newsletter – 2008

What a year God gave to us!
2006 began with a move to a new home in Collierville, TN.
It was a process of praying through—seeking God’s Will and then consciously moving toward expectation with action.
Cleaning out, throwing away, letting go, analyzing and re evaluating was consuming work but it had to be done.
How much is too much?
What do we really need?
Could we adjust?
How long will it take?
Since I am a collector, getting rid of two truck loads of antique furniture took some pondering and planning.
There were charming Victorian sofas I had enjoyed for twenty years that had to go– along with collections of prints, china, pillows, mirrors and memorabilia.
All had to be sorted.
Memory was connected to each piece.
As I slowly made progress, I felt wondrously lifted, encouraged to continue.
This homework was definitely overdue.
As I cleaned my house, God worked on the rooms of my heart.
He reminded me of many things during this process.

“I will turn all (of your) mountains into roads.� Isaiah 49:11

And there were mountains.
There always are when change comes.
Excess hems in.
Sloth stifles.
Obsession becomes obstacle.
They were in every room crowding out HIS life.
Things can block our spiritual progress.
People can bring set backs.
Clutter chokes out simplicity.
My mother always said, “Less is better.�
She was right.
Overwhelmed with the task ahead, I prayed for a way through this mountain.
HE opened the way.
I unloaded.
He removed.
I re grouped.
HE re arranged.
And my soul breathed in liberty as the rooms of my heart found space.
HE knows we hunger for beauty.
I was redefined, reclaimed, renewed.

“The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.� II Chronicles 16:9

Strengthened to serve Him in the midst of…..
For I traveled to AZ, VA, GA, OK TN, NJ, LA, MN, NC to present the Gospel, to lead retreats– to encounter women for the Living God.
HE opened the way for new territory—Nebraska.
HE called Kellye and me to come together to do a women’s conferences in Littleton, CO and Rome GA.
There were 110 decisions for Christ that we know about and so many other decisions pivotal to the mental, spiritual and physical lives of women.
As prayer surged, so did His Sufficiency and I began work on book #5.
We moved to Collierville in April.
Our son Carey and his family moved to Naples, Italy in June for three years.
Our Cordova Home sold in August.
In the fall I worked to prepare my mother’s home for the market.
It has been a moving year and we have� moved on down the road.�
I changed houses.
He changed my focus.
Transition, risk, uncertainty were mountains that became roads.
It was hard but satisfying work.
I traveled them but HE watched over me.
I was strengthened.
You can be too.

A new year is a comin’
Clutter needs to go.
A new year is a comin’
His Love afresh to show.
A new year is a comin’
His Life in us must flow!

Your prayers made a way for me to pour out God’s love.
Thank you so much

He can “turn all our mountains into roads�…roads that lead back to Him.

Love in Him,

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