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Billie’s Ministry Update 2014

ministry-picsPraying Friends;

God is ever changing our lives as we seek to serve Him. Social media at our fingertips now causes new updates and eventsto be known almost immediately. I have two Face Book pages . One is my primary page to encourage and affirm others in the faith. I write a major blog post every Saturday entitled ” Sunday Morning Coming Down.”  My other FB page is an author’s page  to encourage those who write. I post a special piece every Saturday entitled ” WRITING WORD.”  My goal there is to choose a word and write about it. I have been using this website site as a place of  Corporate prayer and thoughtful reflection. If you look back over 2013 you will find prayers written for national crises as they came. A prayer written out  on a web site is a place to go and unify our concerns and hopes together as we cry out with one voice unto the One True God.

We must be ready to respond!

There were also precious local opportunities  to minister with MOPS…retirement events,  women’s groups and to MOAA  at Naval Support Activity Mid-South.  My husband Roy is a God and Country  speaker much in demand around the patriotic holidays.  God is moving him into this arena because of his 30 years in the Navy. Our nation needs authentic voices who have served. He can be contacted on twitter, LinkedIn and at

I was also blessed to be the devotional kick off speaker for Eagle Forum Conference in Nashville. Indeed  it was a wonderful privilege to encourage leaders who are serving on the front lines  of our nation to raise up  biblical truth. Speaking to military families at Luke Air Force base in Phoenix area was a delight and later in the holidays I was back in AZ at a  Christmas Tea at Grace church in Surprise AZ.

Kellye and I joined together in the spring for a mother and daughter weekend  for the national organization  She also had a lead role in the  professional Cumberland County Playhouse production of ” Ring of Fire.” It was a spectacular 2 1/2 months run with a myriad of wonderfully talented singers. Kellye continues to do events through out the nation. Steve Cothran books her.  The booking email is  Kellye is much involved in charitable organizations and events. In MD she performed a terrific benefit concert for abused women. Presently she is spokesperson for Youth Town in TN.

It was an amazing year of  developing a sense of readiness to respond to need. Counseling and mentoring are a significant part of helping to expand the faith of another.  Therefore  there were encounters God ordained for me.  It was a year of  pouring out God’s Love… decisions for Christ, decisions to embrace change, decisions to trust God for the next plateau of faith. In All Things He Reigns.

If we are to learn to overcome, habits must become spiritual disciplines.

” I rejoice in following your statues as one rejoices in great riches. I mediate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decree.I will not neglect your word.”

Psalm 119:13-16

” Holy Father, continue to order our steps, our path , our future. Give us Your Vision as we write, speak and seek to love others with YOUR LOVE. It is only in Your strength that we can do so. Guide us by Your Presence . Send The Holy Spirit to add or delete as we travel down the road to Glory  for it is in Jesus’ Name we pray.”

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  1. Willodean Thomas says:

    Billy and Kelly just held a conferebce in our Church,Huntingdon Tn…”Just Between US” The most spirit filled conference we have ever had. Everyone was so blessed, we did not want it to end!!!

  2. cheryl witherspoon says:

    hello, i’m looking to find carey cash’s testamony on cd or possibly the book. i have a uncle that is going blind and loves military history. he is not a believer. can you check on this for me. i would very much appreciate it.

  3. Selah says:

    To Billie Cash. Respectfully, I would appreciate it if someone could contact me and share the “rules” of contact with Iraqis and Americans. Reading pages 150-155 of the book, “A Table in the Presence,” brought up questions in my mind regarding the rules we Americans should adhere to when in email contact with Iraqis. Can you help me? I want to share the love of God without putting anyone in harms way. Thank you, Selah

  4. Liz Aouad says:

    Almedah has been sharing your prayer request throughout you mothers homegoing..My son is in Iraq for his second deployment w/the US Marine Corps. I am the Stonecroft Regional Administrator for NW Ohio. Would you consider coming to our area to speak, sometime? I will be praying about it. We do have a military moms support/Bible study/prayer group that meets weekly in Toledo, Ohio..around 18 women. The LORD is doing His marvelous work! I read “A Table in the Presence” before my son’s first deployment and what an encouragement to pray and believe! Was it your son who wrote this book/ Please, thank him for me.
    SIncerely and with love, Liz Aouad, SRA NW Ohio

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