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Here are some of Billie’s favorite places on the web.

Beginning Your Journey of Joy – Real joy begins here.

Harvest Church at  – This is my home church and covering.

Kellye Cash –   Contact Steve Cothran  Kellye is my daughter. She was Miss America, 1987 . – Marolyn’s story is filled with miracles and God’s marvelous grace. – Publisher’s of all of Billie’s books.

Points of light – Ministries of Derick Bingham – Derick wrote the foreword for “The Shelter.”   Brace yourself for some incredible inspiration!

The Lord’s Prayer – You’ll be blessed by this beautiful presentation. – Judy Chatham  is a wonderful writer.  She helps ease and inspire all those who have ever heard the words, “This is cancer.”


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  1. Karen Waller says:

    I was on your prayer request list for a long time. I have not heard from you in awhile. Is everythig okay? I live in Wichita Kansas and would love to come to the conference you are leading on the 12th of April. Please add me back on your email list of prayers. Thankyou, Karen

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Autumn Rain

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Windows of Assurance
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