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Light Breaking Through Endorsements

Here are a few of the comments we have received from people who have read “Light Breaking Through.”

“Our journey through life is more abundant when we focus on who we are in Christ and what we are here for. Take some time with Billie’s new book “Light Breaking Through’ which is beautifully written and God inspired. You will find encouragement and guidance for your life-choices as you draw closer and allow HIM to be the light in your life.”
~Donna Brindel
Women’s Ministry Director, Virginia Beach, VA

“Here I was — a 46 year old wife, mother of a five year old, a corporate executive of a fortune 500 company desperately needing my Sunday afternoons to “catch up,” when I opened your wonderful book entitled “Light Breaking Through”, Trusting God’s Timing. I was unable to put it down. I saw a little piece of myself in each illustration. Billie, you have taught me that my blessing could be rich in the Lord if I would slow down, stop and seek the Lord’s guidance in all things. Life would be easier to live. I can be prepared for the best and the worst that may come my way. I have felt the presence of the Lord today and my Sunday has been filled with a peace. I can be a better wife, mother, employee, friend–woman. Thank you for sharing this life changing, thought provoking, masterfully written book with me.
~Sheila Harrell
Vice President Customer Service Federal Express Corporation

“Wonderful. Your style is powerful. This should be a blessing to many.”
~D.J. Borchers, Captain, US Navy (Retired)

“Light Breaking Through” is a walk with a wise, trusted friend. Billie’s unassuming self disclosure provides a glimpse into many facets of her life–a life where any woman can find pieces of herself. Whether she is relating as a girl unsure of herself, a performer preparing for the stage, a student finding God in poetry, a young mother experiencing daily challenges, a loving wife preparing for her husband’s homecoming, or a grandmother sharing her life with her family and all God’s children, Billie’s love for God and life is evident and contagious. Using her own life experiences, as well as wisdom from an elaborate array of great writers and philosophers, Billie beautifully illustrates the rewards, both gentle and grand, of trusting God’s light to lead us to His perfect will. “Light Breaking Through” feels like a very personal gift. Billie has taken my world — a world of books, academia, and Christian womanhood — and held it up to the Light. The light that illuminates, cleanses, heals, and nourishes.”
~Susan DeCarlo
Writing and Literature Instructor, University of Memphis PhD candidate

David, the psalmist, observes: “In your light we see light” (36:9). This indeed is Light Breaking Through. It is only when God takes the initiative in our lives that we see light, which allows us to “walk in the light,” that grows brighter each step of the way! This is what Billie Cash is teaching us in this delightful little book. Let us ever remember, however, that “light received brings light, but light refused brings night.” So it is my prayer that God will bless the message of this book to readers everywhere.
~Dr. Stephen F Olford
Founder and Chairman of Olford Ministries International and
Senior Lecturer at the Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching Memphis, TN.

“Light Breaking Through is a testimony of hope for the discouraged. Trusting God’s Timing is a precious gift. God’s light breathes life into the weary. For me, it’s a battle to wait, trust and rest. Thank you for sharing this treasure.”
~Chris Mills
Richmond Associate, Western Europe
International Mission Board SBC

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