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Billie and Roy have 2 grown children (Kellye and Carey) and we have 11 grand children (AnaLuisa born 10/8/2011). Every member of the family brings another unique reflection of God’s grace, mercy and love for us all.

Happy 50th Anniversary Roy and Billie

The large photo to the right was taken at Roy and Billie’s 50th wedding anniversary, at Annapolis , MD.

3 Responses to “Family”

  1. lorie affatato says:

    Billie, love seeing your precious family. You all stand as tall oaks in God’s forest. Love and God Bless, I’m lifting you up in prayer..Lorie A.

  2. Donna says:

    Dear Lord,
    You are our MIGHTY, AWESOME, ABLE God! We come before you today, lifting up Charity for your perfect healing. Please place her QUICKLY into the perfect surgeon’s hand and allow him to remove ALL of this malignant tumor – every trace of it. Please bring complete healing to Charity.
    Please keep each of her children in your perfect care, during this time and send the perfect helpers to take charge. Please give Carey peace and allow him to be home for the surgery. Please give ALL of the Cash family the help they need at this time and the peace they need to be sustained through this trial. Please take every matter concerning this situation into your hands. You are PERFECT Lord and you are CAPABLE – you know and see ALL and our lives are in YOUR hands. Please bring total restoration to Charity! We will give you all the praise and honor and glory through this and trust in YOU. In Jesus name we pray, Amen

  3. Alana Shawe says:

    Hiya Alana Shawe here, I was looking for information on Billie Cash » Blog Archive » Family in the search engines. So grateful of having found to know about this information. Saved me a ton of effort, thankyou.

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