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Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain coverThis book is a message of faith’s journey. Having a beginning, becoming dependent, being responsible, fruitful and then transforming the landscape through transplanted lives, is the process of faith. The metaphor of the garden is carried throughout the book; beginning faith is nurtured by Spring rain but transforming faith has a harvest, an abundance brought by the Autumn Rain, the rain of Harvest. It is a faith that continues to change the landscape of life. Like her second book, Light Breaking Through, Billie writes in a journalistic free verse style. In looking through the lens of her own life and finding stories of women who triumphed and persevered, Billie shares stories that are up-close and personal. She tells stories of the deep and abiding faith of John and June Cash and others in her family whose lives are a testament to the goodness of God. She challenges women to know, love and serve God; and to finish well.

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  1. Donna says:

    Billie, I just ordered Autumn Rain today. I cannot wait to read it, as I have thoroughy enjoyed all of your books and was left with such upliftment, encouragement and thought provoking wisdom. You are an anointed and gifted writer! I will be leaving my comments, as soon as I read it! Donna

  2. Donna Mummery says:

    Billie, I JUST finished reading Autumn Rain. You are such a gifted, anointed writer. Your great love for our Lord and your committed relationship with Jesus, is so evident through your writings. This book is truly inspiring! God is the Gardener of our lives, and your writing brings this across so eloquently!
    You always manage to include a few stories, that get me so tickled. I loved the story of Isabella and Elvis and I was left very touched reading the outcome. You have such a humorous way of telling stories. I loved your witness to Sue, on the plane to Paris and found your encounter at the check-in desk with the two men, hair raising.
    I loved reading about Bea Bixler, as I LOVED Corrie ten Boom and I toured Corrie’s museum at Dallas Baptist University.
    I have always loved hearing Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches and God is the Gardener of our lives…your book brought this across in such a beautiful,meaningful, uplifting way! I would encourage everyone to get a copy of this book, to quench their thirst, for a Lord that deeply loves us, and knows us by name, as you say. I enjoyed this book very much!

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Autumn Rain

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