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Autumn Rain Endorsements

Autumn Rain is relevant to the needs of today.  It will definitely help you discover how to go through the valleys and mountains of ‘unfulfilled longings,’ ‘disappointment that could be victories,’ learning how to live in the in between from ‘a to b.’  …Billie touches in many ways the ‘nerve’ of life… the way it is now.  You will enjoy reading it for yourself and giving it to someone.  Personally, it challenged me to move from feeling to freedom!  That’s a big step.”

Millie Dienert
     Renowned Bible teacher, Communicator
     International Prayer Chairman, BGEA
      Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

“Billie Cash, with her distinctive writing style, touches the listener’s heart by giving new life to a tired faith.  With her artistry, she distinguishes between a newborn faith and one that languishes on the vine.  In response to her efforts, the reader understands the message, is thankful for the marching orders, wanting, more than all opportunities this world offers, to respond by stepping out for Jesus Christ.  While Windows of Assurance, tells her life story, and Light Breaking Through relates to the awakening soul, Autumn Rain, with its soft peppering as on a tin roof, fans the spirit of the weary or uncommitted into a mighty flame.”

Judy Chatham
     Writing lecturer
     Indiana/Purdue University

“With pen in hand, Billie Cash illustrates the impact that Jesus Christ can have in a life.  With the loveliness of misty autumn as her backdrop, she sets the scene as one harvesting an October garden.  Step by step, she describes the glory that can be ours through agreeing with God about the condition of our life without Him.  This book is life-changing.”

—-Donna Wilkening
     Stonecraft Ministries Regional Administrator
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

Autumn Rain beautifully captures the essence of God’s promise to nourish faith and strengthen hope in His bountiful harvest of blessings.  In this spiritually parched world, it is good to pause and ‘drink rain from Heaven’ daily.  Thank you, Billie.”

—-Chris Mills
     Richmond Associate
     Western Europe International Mission Board, SBC
     Richmond VA

“Billie Cash possesses a unique writing style in which each concise truth presented is like a small fine stitch weaving into a tapestry of God’s truth.  What a blessing Autumn Rain is!  For any precious child of God walking through a present difficulty and wondering why He has permitted these dark threads of sorrow, Billie’s poignant sharing her own ‘dark night of the soul’ will lift  her reader’s eyes from focusing upon the painful circumstance to embrace the larger, complete work of the Heavenly Father’s unfailing love in their lives.”

—-Antonina Ruth Bruno
     Benefits Administrator and Facility Security Officer
     Technology Development Associates, Inc.
     San Diego, CA

“Billie Cash’s Autumn Rain is beautifully and descriptively written — a message of hope, meaning, comfort and transformation through commitment to a loving and faithful Father.  Of particular delight to me was the honoring of the life of my beloved Bible teacher whose life has been and continues to be of great impact.  I was so blessed by your book.”

—-Florine McKay
     Retired business woman and philanthropic grandmother
     Burr Ridge, IL

“Billie… Forever the cheerleader for the Lord and His Wondrous Love… You will be encouraged, challenged and inspired throughout this purposeful journey of faith.  This book zooms in on faith like radar.  I could not put it down…Will share it in my Bible studies..Autumn
is profound.”

—-Katheryn H. Mote
     Interior Design Consultant
     Virginia Beach, VA
     Naples, FL

Autumn Rain brings showers of blessings…in fact a downright deluge.  Loved the book… highly recommend it.”

—-JoAnne Boche, ATM
     Professional Speaker and Tour Director
     Minneapolis, MN

“I am intrigued by your style of writing.  Our lives really are like a garden needing the daily care of feeding and watering from the Word of God.  This book is true inspiration.”

Jane Myre
    Mentor to women
    Paducah, Kentucky

“If you do not consider yourself a ‘reader’, I suggest you pick up this book and try again!
Billie Cash has a style that is both interesting and stimulating.  Autumn Rain is packed with timeless truth.  It is clear that God has gifted Billie to speak at heart level.  Interweaving poetry and prose, she creates a tapestry against which God’s love and purpose for our lives is beautifully displayed.”

—-Betty Ruth Barrows Seera
    Dayton, Tennessee

“Billie’s new book, Autumn Rain, serves as a refreshing reminder that we come into  our faith in Christ not just for relationship but also to point others to Him.  In the chapter, ‘Harvest Bounty,’ she insightfully writes about the funerals of Johnny and
June Carter Cash, making observations on the impact of their faith:

Of Johnny:  Heaven and hell battled for him.  His wounds were apparent but so was his faith.  This was not ambiguous faith cut clear-cut Christian faith found in Jesus Christ.

Real faith finds a way to grow.

Of June:  Roseanne Cash paid one of the most moving tributes I have ever heard at a funeral — to June, her stepmother.  Ironically, it was about not using the word ‘step’ in their family for John and June made this distinction when they married.  There would be no stepparents and stepchildren.  They would be family.”

Mark Boorman
    Olford Ministries International
    Memphis, Tennessee

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