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A Table In The Presence by Carey Cash

A Table in the Presence - Carey CashA powerful, firsthand account, by US Navy Chaplain Carey Cash, of how God worked, often miraculously, amongst the men of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment in Iraq.

On April 10th, 2003, the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, faced with the task of seizing the presidential palace in downtown Baghdad, ran headlong into what Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North called, “the worst day of fighting for U.S. Marines.” Hiding in buildings and mosques, wearing civilian clothes, and spread out for over a mile, Saddam Hussein’s militants rained down bullets and rocket propelled grenades on the 1st Battalion. But when the smoke of the eight-hour battle cleared, only one Marine had lost his life. Some said the 1st Battalion was incredibly lucky. But in the hearts and minds of the Marines who were there, there was no question. God had brought them miraculously through that battle.

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  1. Steve Bullard says:

    I just wanted to say how very powerful and moving Carey’s book is to me! I’ve never served in the military, but I have a deep respect for those who do, and those that have. Carey’s book has moved me to see the awesome opportunity to win a young generation (our military) to Christ during this crisis of war on terror. I’ve begun to include chaplain’s in my prayers, and I pray for their safety, faithfulness to the Gospel, and for their safe return. Is there any way I can send an e-mail directly to Carey? By the way, a couple in my church are friends of the Cash family, Andy (USN retired) & Janice Olson. The Olson’s are part of our Sr. Adult Leadership Team here. God bless! Steve Bullard, Associate Min. for Sr. Adult Ministries, North Metro 1st Baptist, Lawrenceville, GA.

  2. Mary L. Weiker says:

    My husband and I have read this book and have appreciated it very much. Our son is presently in Baghdad and the ways that Carey explained things is the exact way our son would describe the shell fire. This book has helped me better understand what my son may go through and to know that if God would protect over Carey’s men that way than why wouldn’t he now as we lift them in prayer. It has removed the day to day fear in me and to know that things happen in war but God is there and will do what is right. If my son is a victim of war then God has a story behind his death as well. Thank you for obeying God and writing this book. I can’t say enough good about it. God Bless You!

  3. Kim Ruck says:

    I have read the book, “A table in the Presence” two times already. Some people would never think things like that would happen, but they do. As he stated in the book, just because there is war and confusion all around us, doesn’t mean that God is too busy to talk to our hearts. In fact, he uses times like that to get our attention. May God Bless Lt. Cash for what he’s doing and letting God do through him.

  4. Kim Ruck says:

    This book is simply AWESOME!!! May God bless Lt. Cash for what he is allowing God to do through him. And I know those Marines are forever grateful to have spent their time over there with such a spiritual leader as Lt. Cash

  5. soldiersangel says:

    I have read, “A Table in the Presence” about 3 times now. The most recent, my boyfriend and I were traveling and I read it to him on the way up and back. He was saying, “Those guys are so lucky”. I said, “No, God was there.” It all made sense to him then. I have a unit that I have adopted in Iraq. I found small paper-back copies of the book and sent it to them. I am anxious to hear their response.

  6. Beth Curfman says:

    I pray that many Americans will read “A Table in the Presence.” It has touched my life dramatically. The divine appointments and providence of God shows clearly among the troops and thrills my soul to have assurance that many came to Christ through the experience of war. It is true, God does work all things for the good of the Lord. How awesome!! I desire to do much for the soldiers, yet I can only pray. To me, that is an honor.

  7. Lay Leng says:

    Greetings from Singapore! I have just read ‘A Table in the Presence’ in one sitting! My heart was gripped by testimonies after testimonies of God’s Providence and faithfulness. Although I am ‘far away’ from war and have no experience whatsoever with the military stuff, I felt compelled to buy the book when I first saw it. It was definitely a right decision. I was encouraged, inspired and awed by its contents. Every page overflows with God’s anointing, God’s love and God’s Presence. I have been recommending the book to my friends! May God bless every US soldier who has gone to war. May God continue to use LT Cash mightily to serve his generation.

  8. Tom Ogden says:

    I was a machine-gunned in Weapons Co. 1/5. I have since been medically discharged, Feb. 2004. I just recently found this book and I want to say it was a pleasure to find something that told our story so well. I can account for almost all of Lt. Cash’s stories, and if it weren’t for him a lot of men would have had a hard time over there. This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks you all for the support.

  9. Ryan Evans says:

    I was a former rifleman with Bravo Co. 1/5 during the time in which Chaplain Cash wrote this great book. I was hoping to some how get in touch with Chaplain Cash about a salute to the troops my school is participating in. It is a private southern Baptist school in GA.. I was hoping that I could possibly get in touch with Chaplain Cash through email. Is it possible I could get his email address?

  10. John Hoben says:

    Chaplain Carey Cash’s book is an inspiring, excellent read for anyone wanting to see the protective Psalm 91 shield of faith in action. I was able to read it over the holidays and truly blessed by this book which we’re sharing copies of with chaplains around the world for inspiration in their eternal missions with our allied forces.

    John Hoben
    Co-Founder, Soldiers Bible Ministry

  11. Rev.Gerald Watford says:

    Great book! I am a fellow Citadel grad and I also served at Camp David as a US Marine under Pres. Reagan. My fellow Marines and I are planning a reunion this summer. We would like to visit Camp David but so far we have not had much success arranging this and I was hoping Chaplain Cash might assist us. If not, fine, my best to you all.

  12. Moya Joslin says:

    This book is wonderful and a blessing to anyone who reads it. I have told many people about this book. My Marine son was in Iraq 2 years ago. This book really showed me what our soldiers go through and taught me so much. It also helped me realize that there is still hope for America because all thing are possible through Christ. I pray for a prayer revival in America. Thank you so much for this book and your ministry. I will be praying for you. Moya

  13. Charles Gray says:

    What a blessing to see Carey’s progression!! I read the book and met Carey during a PME/book signing tour he did at Quantico years back, subsequently commuted several times with now Brig Gen Fred Padilla (Carey’s CO at 1/5), and have recommended his book to scores of people whose lives were dramatically impacted as a result of reading it. I feel as though I have a kindred connection with him. Additionally, Camp David (his most recent assignment – with Washington Post story about Pastor to the President) is very close to the final destination of a wounded service member charity bike ride (Face of America – April 16 & 17, 2011) later this year. I’ve done it the past 4 years, and it has top priority on my schedule – would Carey possibly be able to attend the closing ceremony in Gettysburg – Seamus Garrahy’s property borders the battlefield.

    Charles Gray
    USMC retired
    Defense Consultant
    Booz Allen Hamilton

  14. George A. Peters, Sr. says:

    I stumbled on Carey’s book “A Table in the Presence” at a senior center I go to in North Little Rock, Ark.
    Pass on my compliments to the author and to the family as he did give credit for all your influence.
    I hope he will continue his service to God and country.
    Sincerely, George A. Peters, Sr.

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