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A Pillow on the Highway

pillow_cover_sm.jpg“Children are at peace when those who care for them have learned to rest in God’s loving arms. I know this because long before my mother wrote this book I saw her live its truth. A Pillow on the Highway is a living, breathing exposition of Jeremiah 6:16, which brings into the brightest focus what the author has lived for decades and what God Almighty intends us to experience every day…a treasure of truth and testimony that will transform your life.”

Lt. Carey Cash, US Navy Chaplain, author of A Table in the Presence; Naples, Italy

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  1. Donna Mummery says:

    What a gift, from the Lord, this book was for me. I had been praying to God “help me to know you” and after reading this book, he did indeed answer my prayer, once again. I had also been praying “Lord, change me” and through reading this book, He showed ways to accomplish that. I needed encouragement, direction, uplifting and joy – God provided that too, in this book. I plan to REread this book, it was THAT good. This is a keeper…one to refer to over and over. What a blessing and gift to pass on to friends, loved ones, acquaintances, who could use the same life transforming wisdom, Billie has shared with us, from her loving Heavenly Father.

    God bless you Billie,
    Donna Mummery

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