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For the foundations of the earth are the Lord’s; upon them he has set the world.

He will guard the feet of his saints but the wicked will be silenced in darkness.  I Samuel 2:b,9a

Each day  is a brand new slate.

We have never lived it.

Some things are predictable  about our days.

The sun always rises.

The sun always sets.

We can count on it.

In different seasons the days will be shorter or longer.

The light of the sun warms the earth and vegetation grows.

It is necessary for the garden’s cycle of replenishing beauty.

Seed life must have the sun.

Unusual winter weather ushered in a surprise to the South this week.

Our temperatures dropped dramatically as an arctic front blew into our town bringing snow and ice.  On our street overnight the fresh snow powdered the roof tops of homes and bordered  the  sidewalks as a boundary.

One day later it  was just  a trace, but the ice remained.  The severe   temperatures plummeted and the branches of mighty trees bowed low. Some limbs snapped from the weight of the ice  and some touched the ground redefining the silhouette with what seemed to be unrepairable damage.

The broken had to be removed, cut off– for in effect,  nature  had delivered pruning.

The bent required new life  to surge through its limbs once again in order  to raise it back up.

A tree  stands against the  horizon as a declaration of resiliency.

Roots are the foundation of strength, growth, reproduction– beauty.

Amazingly right on schedule   as the sun began to shine down, tiny intricate patterns of ice sculpture found upon every living off shoot of the sprawling limbs  became prisms of   luminous  light at first and then  slowly began to melt the ice.

As this phenomenon unfolded,  the melting released the traumatized tree branches and they began to recover, to rise.

A rooted  foundation  sustains.

The sun energizes.

Trees matter to God… and so do we.

The foundations of the earth are the Lord’s…

HE is imminently involved in the intricacies of nature.

He is imminently involved in our lives.

JESUS came to bring rescue, hope, forgiveness and new life.

His Blood was the offering needed to help us begin again.

The CROSS was a tree of sacrifice.

Without it we would be weighted down all our lives…. broken and bent forever.

Sin obscures and obliterates but a life in Him has the promise of renewal and restoration day by day.

When we belong to Him, we  know HIM.

When we belong to HIM we can walk in confidence and assurance believing HE will guard the feet of  His saints.

He knows what is ahead.

He is there.

He knows where we are.

He is with us.

What a  promise!

Yes, the sun  does rise and set daily.

The foundations of the earth are the Lord’s.

HE rises to  keep watch over our feet– our comings and our goings.

We  must watch for Him.

Seek Him fervently.

Share His love with another.

Serve Him out of devotion.

Saturate your life in His Word.

This is the walk of faith.

A God who guards will guide your steps.


Along the journey with you,

Billie Cash

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