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Update on Donna Wilkening

The report from Donna’s surgery is that 95% of the tumor was removed. 5% remains. She will have chemo and begin her journey toward recovery.
Let us pray together:

Gracious God;
5% of Belief destroys 5% of doubt.
We thank YOU for this surgery and we ask in Jesus Name that YOUR Hand continue to guide the chemo treatment. Help her body to assimilate the medication. Allow it to target every cancer cells remaining, destroying them one by one. Shrivel and dry them up. Give them no place to go and allow them to be flushed from her system. Bolster the good cells and bring health and vitality into them and keep Donna’s mind and heart centered on the Mighty Living God Who is the Giver of Life, Who is Able to restore, Who knows all and is IN ALL. “HE will perfect what concerns her.” Allow her a heart of gratitude and love and worship in these days. Keep us praying and believing.
We praise YOU for YOU are the God of all ODDS and 5% of bedrock, sold out, purposed, all consuming Love based on authority in Jesus CAN OVERCOME!!
We trust in the plans YOU have for Donna– plans for good and not for evil.
We rest in YOUR PLAN. Give her the sweet rest of the beloved and minister to her family in confidence and trust.
In Jesus Name I pray

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  1. Donna says:

    Dear Lord,
    I lift up Donna to you, and ask for her perfect healing. Please allow her to have the perfect treatment, for her ailment and allow it to run smoothly, with no complications. Touch her Lord and heal her body and restore her health to perfection. You are ABLE. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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