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Praying Friends;
We come together to pray for break throughs in our nation.
We must be diligent to fast and pray as God leads.
This month let us pray together as one voice unto God for the housing market crisis our nation faces.
We are the children of God.
We can pray with confidence and authority for HIS DIVINE intervention.
Join me.

Holy God;
We come to YOU.
YOU alone are the Eternal Forever we know.
YOU hold all things in YOUR Hands.We receive admonition, counsel, guidance and instruction from YOU.
We understand that sin blocks blessing.
We also know YOU allow us to remain faithful to YOU in obedience even when there is no open door.
We believe when we cannot see.
We believe when there is no light.
We continue to believe YOU are are near, close beside us waiting upon many who will hear the call to pray in faith.
We live in them.
Men and women who sell them, build them and buy them are in an apparent holding pattern.
They have families to support, bills to pay and work to do.
They are stretched beyond measure.
We repent corporately fro any and all who have fallen into the trap of affluence greed, ego idolatry and possession passion.
Forgive our sin.
We desperately seek YOU for the breaking of this downward spiral, a “turn around” leading to recovery, a complete supernatural reversal in this realm of our economy.
YOUR WORD tells us that we have not because we ask not.
This crisis affect all of us.
Dispel the pundits.
Wreck the secular philosophy of the moment.
Come to our rescue!
We choose to establish homes of godliness, to carry the Banner of the Goodness of God, to be available to proclaim all YOU are!
Mighty Deliverer, deliver we pray!
Oh God, “do not remain silent.” Psalm 109:1b
” Give us aid against the enemy.,” Psalm 108:12a
We promise this: ” with my mouth I will greatly extol the Lord. In the great throng I will praise Him, for HE stands at the right hand of the needy one to save his life from those who condemn him.” Psalm 109:30-31
Hear our prayer this day, our cry for we are YOUR children!
Pagan and believer are side by side in this crisis.
Hear our prayer, our cry for we are YOUR children!
May many turn towards YOU as a result of our cries for them.
Establish us in the good way, Lord.
Hear our prayer for we are YOUR children. Psalm 4:3
We now bow down in praise of YOUR MIGHTY HAND of intervention because of Jesus and His Finished Work on the Cross.
We will not forget.
We will remember.
We promise to be good stewards.
RELEASE this stronghold assignment!
Cast the enemy of our souls out of this calamity and remove his influence..
Come Lord Jesus, hear our cry as we come together to pray for this dire need in our nation in the ONLY NAME THAT CAN BREAK THIS CRIPPLING OPPRESSION—- THE NAME OF JESUS! We place our lives under the Blood of the Cross and place this request there in anticipation.

May God bless all who pray.


  1. Donna says:

    Amen to that…I am in agreement! (thinking about the home you are trying to sell too). I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I know Francis will enjoy her first in HEAVEN with HER mother! What can be a better Mother’s Day than one spent in Heaven with our Lord, and in the presence of our loved ones! Enjoy your time with Kellye! Love, Donna

  2. Donna says:

    Praise that Frances’ house sold! Even in a slow market, God is ABLE!

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