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Sep 16, 2014

“….From my mother’s womb you have been my God…All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations…. future generations will be told about the Lord.  They will proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn for HE has done it”.  Psalm 22: 10b,27,28,30,31

Holy Father;

We ponder  the promises of YOUR WORD.

YOU know our beginnings.

YOU know our doubts and fears.

YOU know the outcome of every day.

Generations who have lived before us found their way to  true faith by Grace.

They searched.

YOU waited.

They received.

YOU gave.

They found.

YOU embraced.

The journey to the CROSS is the way through life’s mountains and valleys.

A pilgrim’s faith is born there.

It is the place where we first meet grace, the Divine equipping to live for YOU.

Freely given, freely received– it is our gift.

Our lives have book ends.

It is life in between… ah, that’s the rub.

Sin seeks to swallow us.

Salvation saves us from destruction.

Seekers need resuscitating.

Being made clean is the work YOU bring to us through confession.

Being filled up with hope is the the work of the Holy Spirit.

Being made ready to serve with abandoned love is the work of a surrendered heart.

Eating at YOUR TABLE replenishes the soul  for YOUR WORD never returns void.

How then shall we live?

We must find our way to YOU every day by Grace.

We take our place in the long line of  sojourners of Christ Jesus who found HIM everywhere in All things and in All places.

How do we know this?

They have left behind a record of His sufficiency and Grace.

John Bunyan found it in a prison.

Amy Carmichael  found it  in ministry on the shores of India.

Derick Bingham found in the pages of English literature.

Have you found it?

Where will  God send you?

What will you leave behind?

When will you grasp the calling  He has ordained for you?

All the ends of the earth will remember… and turn..

The families of nations will bow down.

We rest under His dominion….

Under His Sovereign rule  there is intimacy and strength for the next step.

Our faith journey matters.

Our world watches what  we value.

We must  live His life out with action born of devotion.

We must  serve Him with courage, justice, faith and honor.

We must proclaim His righteousness to a people yet unborn.

Therefore… we must care about the unborn, the weakest for they are the future of the long line of grace.

Purpose to take your place in this line.

Ask God to order your way.

HE will.

HE ‘s faitfhul.

HE loves you.

HE knows you.

Do you know HIM?

Fellow pilgrim,  join me.

Blessings, Billie

Our Watch over America: Transcendent Faith
Aug 14, 2014

Do not be afraid; only believe…. Arise. Mark 5:36b, 41c

The Bible is replete with stories of  the miraculous. This week in search of comfort and assurance –I opened my bible and re discovered a familiar one that captured my soul with fresh hope– resuscitating me.

Sometimes we must have spiritual oxygen.

In Mark   Chapter 5 , we learn of the death of a synagogue  ruler’s daughter. Immediately upon hearing this , Jesus said , ” Do not be afraid, only believe.”  He then went to the home and entered  the room where the child was. Weeping and wailing had begun. Jesus  took her hand and spoke words to her which being translated  were ” Little girl, ARISE.” She did and ” they were overcome with great amazement.”

Death stalks us.

In real life, it is inevitable for it is one of the two book ends of LIFE.

Sometimes we experience what looks like the death of our  dreams, our future and perhaps our nation.

My heart was broken over America this week.

So I looked into God’s  Word for hope and I found it.

I heard the words, ” Do not be afraid, only believe.”

And when I read this passage in its context and the impossibility of the miraculous  came, I wept.

This time I wept for the  surety of the promises of God which are ours  in Christ Jesus.

We who have a moral center based on biblical truth —–DO  OVERCOME!!

Fear and anxiety are  not from God.

We the people who have walked in obedience to His Word and held up His standard over our land in faith and belief, we will ARISE– again and so will America!.

We will  continue to shepherd the flock and work with our whole hearts and minds to proclaim the return to HIS TRUTH!

America is a prodigal that we will be searching for , investing in , praying for , reaching out to–DAILY– as we look towards the horizon.

We will not live in bitterness and anger.

We will live in expectancy and joy in the ONE who is SOVEREIGN… over our lives, over our land.

The Lord knows those who are His. 2 Timothy 2:19




Dry, perfunctory, ritualistic attempts  at faith will not survive.

Vibrant, intimate, devoted , LIFE “BORN of GOD” Faith  will triumph!

We thank Him today for a  transcendent faith  that connects the dots of our lives across our land;  ethnicity, education, science, business, agriculture,  athletics, arts, media, military—- for “He brings Cosmos out of our chaos.” Author Madeleine L ‘Engle

The Word of God instructs, comforts, warns, winnows and woos us.

What is not pure and  undefiled will not stand the test of perseverance.

Hearts that repent will be ready.

We have centuries of mighty  men and women  of faith who learned to walk,  create, build and shine in adversity!

So be encouraged that your life and your gifts are significant to the Kingdom!

Do not be afraid; only believe!!!!!

Arise in faith and move in God’s strength. His supply never ends!

May we see His Glory fall upon America!

In Jesus’ Name , we press on!!!


On the Journey with you,




Earthworm Faith
Jul 01, 2014

Today a sudden summer shower brought respite to the parched earth and an army or earthworms came forth!

On my early morning walk I had to be careful not to step on them as they slithered, rolled and wiggled their way attempting to cross over to the other side of the walkway.
Obviously some were not going to make it but some did.
All to soon the emerging sun began to ” take its toll.”
The brief rain had presented enough moisture for traction , bringing them up to explore.
Time to surface,
Time for change,
Time to cross over,
And time to go back home again.
I have never been a worm lover but in observing this exodus my curiousity drove me to do a little research on the computer when I returned home .
Here is what I learned about earthworms:

1. They plow the earth by tunneling through the soil.
2. They create passageways in which air and water can be absorbed.
3. The root systems of plant life beceome compacted with out them.
4. They eat dirt
5. They stay underground most of the time because darkness keeps them from being dried out.
6. If they get dried out, they cannot breathe.
7. The wetness created by rain stirs them to come up and travel overland, breathing new vigor into their predictable existence.

So earthworms really do matter to ecology, to plant life.
They have purpose.
But once in a while they need to discover a new vista before returning to home, productivity and familiarity.
And so do we.

Summer showers also water a parched faith, encouraging us to come out and look up and cross over to see God in a fresh way.
We need to stay connected to HIM in a vital ongoing relationship.
We need refreshment for we too must return home and once we do the root of belief is strengthened.
God knows when to send the showers, when we need to cross over and when we need to tunnel in once again.

Thank YOU LORD for the earthworm.

Although he eats dirt, he makes a way for us to eat food and drink in beauty and understand once again the wonder of a God who executes creation with such detail that even the most humble organism is an intricate part of the life chain.

Nothing escapes YOUR EYE.
Nothing is without possibility.
Nothing is insignificant.
Nothing is without hope.

“Show me your ways Oh Lord teach me your paths… my hope is in you all day long” Psalm 25:4-5c

Breathe into us ” The love of God “today in a brand new way because of the example of YOUR provision for the earthworm.

May our faith increase in the Living God.
Love to you,

Grains of Summertime Faith
Jun 06, 2014

How precious are your thoughts ,O God! How vast is the sum of them.

Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of  sand… Psalm 139: 17-18a


Time at the beach in the summer is a truly an  experience of  release and renewal.

The constancy of the ocean roar punctuates the ever present wave movements every day whether sunny or stormy.

The voices of children remind us that we are like them — looking for a break …for some daydreaming time.

Riding the waves is exhilarating but also exhausting for  the ocean is a force that demands our constant attention.

The picnic  lunch is always  delicious  for no matter what  it is –the salt air makes us hungry.

An umbrella at high noon is a welcomed respite.

A good book  to read as  the afternoon  unfolds  provides an inner sanctuary to  somewhere untraveled.

BUT….IT IS THE SAND under your feet between your toes, a cushioned freedom that draws out the weary tension from your body and invites your mind to open the door to fresh perspective.

Countless  grains of sand  pillow our feet  restoring  to us a new rhythm  as we walk .

Liberated  from  our daily ritual  we breathe in fresh creativity.

SAND is amazing… tiny particles with shapes representing something that was broken.

Castles can be sculpted from it, forts, holes can be dug and one can be buried in it.

It is a warm, pleasurable  summertime phenomenon.

And   YET..the scripture tells us that God’s thoughts to us are as numerous as the grains of sand!!!!

What a concept!

Take time to think upon this  personal word to you from the Word of God!

HE  vigilantly, purposely  thinks about you and me  MORE profusely than the grains of sand!

Be reminded  of His love for you as you walk upon the sand this summer.

Take in His Love as you ” take in” the beach.

Love Him back with gratitude and thanksgiving as you live your life… aware that HE is present, watching and waiting to give  you More.

Ask for His Dreams.

They are bigger than yours.

Grow your faith.

” I led them with chords of human kindness with ties of love.”  Hosea 11:4b

Have a “Sandsational” Summer in Him!


The Place Where You Are
May 17, 2014

It was God who sent me here, not you!” Genesis 45:8 TLB

How many times have we asked God to get us out of a situation?

How many times have we yearned to be in another place?

How many times have  we finally  recognized  that God chose  the place where we are?

The Joseph  of scripture had to learn this truth.

How he did he get beyond revenge and anger towards his brothers?

How did he move past the isolation and despair of abandonment?

How did he learn obedience to God in spite of great personal loss?

Life lessons matter.

Joseph was given a dream for his life and then given the ability to interpret others’ dreams.

His brothers did not understand  so they did away with him or… so they thought.

For nine years he had to learn to processs daily life from many places.

From  the  pit to the auction block  and from Potiphar’s  home to prison was his journey and yet…

“the Lord was with Joseph  and he was a prosperous man”… Genesis 39:2

I wonder what he wondered.

Integrity gave him a management position with Potiphar and integrity took  it away and placed him in prison.

He carried God’s favor where ever he was placed.

Could he always  trust the Hand of God?

He could and he did.

Prosperity came.

Joseph was promoted  to second in command over the land.

How did it affect him?

Prosperity and power tests character.

It is a true revelation of God dependency.

When famine came to the country side  and he was faced with the presence of  his brothers who were hungry and a beloved father  who had need, once again Joseph was broken  but this time with consuming compassion.

It was his holy privileged opportunity  to bring  restoration not revenge upon his family.

To forgive or to not to forgive?

To stay stuck in bitterness or to move towards liberty?

To redeem or destroy?

And God prospered him once more with reunion and reconciliation.

What a moment to dwell in!!

How powerful are the stories of the Bible.

They are our stories.

We can live in them and learn  how to navigate through dilemmas we did not choose.

Is  the “place where you are” one of deep disappointment, grave anxiety or searing conviction ?

Is the “place where you are” fraught with jealousy, constant strife or driven self effort ?

Remember –God is still with you.

He orchestrates your way.

He is in your midst. moving you forward, prospering your soul, establishing your character, making you fit to become the man or woman HE can use.

HE is the passion and creativity reflected in all you do.

” Every  word of God proves true;  He is  a shield to those who take refuge in Him.” Proverbs 30:5

The Life of Joseph proved God’s Word is true.

“…the Lord was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man..” Genesis 39:2

The place where you are is the place of God’s commission.

Trust in His unfailing goodness.

Be present to Him in the “place where you are.”



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