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A New Year’s Prayer 2016
Jan 12, 2016

“Now this is eternal life,that they may KNOW YOU, the only True God and Jesus Christ whom YOU have sent… ” John 17:3

Holy Father;

As the dawning of a new year comes, we seek YOUR PLANS and bow down giving YOU praise and thanksgiving for 2015.
YOU were there.
Change came.
YOU were in it.
Disappointments knocked.
YOU carried us through.
Anxiety came to stifle peace.
New challenges presented fresh opportunities.
We opened the door and found YOU ahead of us.

There were gifts of HOPE, JOY and INCREDIBLE LOVE!

Holy God, YOU are never taken by surprise as we are.

That’s why Jesus came.

YOU knew we would need a Savior, a personal GOD to hold on to- the Lover of our souls, an intercessor who ever seeks to keep our hearts delivered from other gods that vie for attention.

And they are always lurking…pride and ambition push their thoughts upon us BUT there are also inward pulls of self absorption , doubt and fear.

YOU OVERCOME— every time.

We are in YOU so we can overcome!

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Name of Jesus and how fervently HE prays for us” Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name– the name you gave me so that they may be one as we are one.” John 17:11b

That we may become one– what a prayer!

Moment to moment a conscious surrender to YOU breaks the back of the oppressor and sets the captive free and that is necessary for us all.

What will YOU carry us through in 2016?

What joy will be ours?

What glory will be revealed?

I know YOU are already there.

What comfort!

What assurance!

What a triumph!

” As you have sent me into the world, I sent them into the world. For them I scanctify myself THAT they TOO may be TRULY scanctified.” John 17:18

We will be sent out and set apart for YOUR GLORY!

Choose the places we are to go.

Close all doors except the ones YOU open.

Plan our schedules, Lord– where we are to be and with whom.

Add ,subtract, delete.

Give us strength to continue.

Shield us from the evil one.

YOUR prayer for us is also for ” those who will believe in me through their message.”

John 17:20

YOU care about people and so must we.

You know the way for YOU ARE THE WAY.

Come Lord Jesus and bless each one who prays this prayer for their lives and embraces all YOU have for them in the New Year.

” Every branch that does not bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:2

We will be pruned.

” He withdrew…to a solitary place.” Matthew 14:13

We must withdraw and pray.

” That night the Lord appeared to (Issac ) Genesis 26:24

YOU still come.

YOU come when we call.

YOU come to us through circumstance, through others who care, through a RHEMA Word from YOUR WORD. YOU invade our thoughts and give us words to read, speak, sing — write.

We yearn for YOUR PRESENCE.

We choose YOU.

YOU choose our way.

Hear our prayer for one another.

Accept our praise and gratitude.

KNOW that we trust in YOU alone.

In Jesus’ Name and Through His Life, I pray
May God Bless each of you,

Happy New Year 2016


Cash Christmas Newsletter 2015
Dec 16, 2015


Luke 2:14

Christmas 2015 is upon us. It has been a year of prayer and seeing God’s Hand upon our family and so many others. In an amazing surprise from friends Kate and Craig Roll, we were told that we would be going on a Caribbean cruise. It was to be a gift of God’s love for us. Imagine warm waters with sunlight streaming as a respite from Winter! They gave and we received. I mentored her as a Navy wife. We rested and breathed in the goodness of God. In the Spring, our Marine Corps grandson, Caleb Cash returned from 7 1/2 months in Baghdad. Surely his homecoming was a blessing of rejoicing. At this same time, Kellye was a lead in the musical production “Ring of Fire” at Cumberland County playhouse in Crossville, TN. It is one of the top ten professional companies in our nation. The story of John and June Cash was sung with shades of truthful poignancy and faith. Kellye’s daughter Cassidy Sheppard, age 21, competed at Miss Tennessee, singing the prayer “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables. Her beauty, talent and character placed her in the top 3 which rewarded her with college scholarship monies. In July, we attended the first marriage of a grandchild. Brady Sheppard, now 24, married Lauren Harris in a glorious celebration of faith and grace. He is an electrical engineer in Nashville and she is a preschool teacher. Generational legacy in marriage was on display in purity framed by faith in Christ. What joy! Kellye’s 17-year-old daughter Tatum, a talented writer, is a high school senior. In August, a baby boy named Henry Roy was born to Carey and Charity Cash, their 9th child. Justice, the second son of Carey, is in his second year at US Naval Academy. Phoebe, age 17, is a senior at Crosspointe Academy in WA, followed by Nathanael age 16 and Ella age 15. Little girls are Bea, age 7, Mae age 5 and Lu who just turned 4. The Cash family moved to WA in late September where CDR Carey Cash, US Navy Chaplain, became Senior Command Chaplain on the nuclear aircraft carrier, USS John C. Stennis. In November Kellye, Todd and Tatum were guests at an International Conference of Evangelicals and Catholics in Rome to focus upon Family Life issues. It was a rich life-changing experience. At home, Roy continues to be in demand for God and Country and Veterans events in all kinds of venues; he also continues to serve on the Board of Directors at CTI. I was privileged to lead retreats this year at Ridgecrest NC and Charleston SC, and spoke in the Tri-Cities area for Stonecroft Women’s Connections and served as keynote devotional speaker at Eagle Forum in Nashville. I guide a God and Country prayer group monthly in my hometown which keeps me seeking repentance and hope for my nation. We pray scripture for issues which face America and also for troops by name. My writing projects on “Fruit of The Spirit” in Galatians 5:22-23, “You Are God’s Masterpiece” Ephesians 2:10 and “Good To the Core” Psalm 145:7 have kept me in God’s Word…a place I love. Endorsements for others’ writings include a cancer memoir of a friend. Mentoring others in prayer will always be a forever work for me.

Christmas Blessings,


Nov 14, 2015

” Offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life.” Romans 6:13

How gloriously beautiful is the season of Thanksgiving!

Fall ushers in the diverse  myriad of color– stirring the senses, moving the heart.

Beauty causes change, every time.

Deepest crimsons, burnished golds, weathered browns, coppered oranges declare death and life simultaneously.

Death must come to the trees’ foliage but life comes as the leaves fall and are absorbed into the soil as mulch for another season.

What a picture of our lives.! There will always be cycles of becoming, losing and then becoming again.
We are not static in life.

The autumn leaves reveal a truth to us.

There is beauty in dying for the  promise and nurture to come
The saints of old were not afraid to use the word surrender.

They understood ” death to self” and so must we.

We are to present our lives as a offering to God each day.
It ‘s been a long time since I have thought about this word but here it is:  CONSECRATE!

Webster’s says, to consecrate means  ” to declare, to set apart as sacred.”

So many times we use up our lives on the run, solo, or in ceaseless activities which consumed us … thinking that we are at least “doing something for God.”

We run out of gas, time, love, energy and hope.

We run in fear not focus.

We forget that we need to “die every day to ourselves” and  deliberately take up the life God Almighty has for us– in CHRIST JESUS.

In dying we live!

What a thought.

It is God’s way of making us see that we are to be an offering,set apart for His purposes.

And… such devotion brings beauty to our souls, oxygen to our faith and holiness to our journey.

The old hymn says it best:
Just as I am, Thy love unknown,

Has broken every barrier down,

Now to be Thine, yea Thine ALONE,

O Lamb of God I come.

“Father, we come and lay down our lives before YOU as an offering.

Show us how to live through change.

Cause us to see the beauty in dying to self and the faith in surrender.

We long for a vibrant, God breathed, life and it is only possible in consecration.

We are to be a holy people and only YOU can make that happen.

Thank YOU for the surrender in Jesus’ shed blood on the Cross  for our sin, our dreams of significance, our future.

We bow down in thanksgiving for this incredible life YOU have given to us!
Bless my brothers and sister as they pursue it with vigor and in awe.

It because of the Love of JESUS that in His Holy Name I can pray.

Have a blessed Autumn in Him,


Pantry Faith
Sep 15, 2015

How great is the goodness God has STORED up for those who fear HIM... Psalm 31:19

Summertime is closing.

Fall is ’round the bend.

Winter is  a’ beckoning .

What message does this send?

It makes me stop and ponder as I think of summer gone.

Squandered or enriched…

Time for me…to add on…?

Fruitful, and productive…slothful , meaningless…

Have I worked with diligence — a harvest for God’s best?

As autumn leaves fall and winter’s breath calls,

Will my pantry be full of goodness for all?

As a child I observed my grandmother ” Mama Ofe” busy canning fruits and vegetables  to be STORED up in the pantry for the winter season. Pears, peaches and figs found their way into jams and jellies as well as fried pies which were the grand children’s delight. Fresh snap beans, crowder peas, okra, tomatoes, squash, pickles and so much more would be lining the shelves of her pantry as fall came. Home made vegetable soup with cornbread was a perfect November lunch.  Chocolate and coconut custard pies were her dessert specialty.  Her pantry was a storehouse of good things to eat. Hours of peeling, cooking, seasoning, tasting and assembling  had to happen and it did regularly… every summer.

With love and labor, a life lesson she recalls.

Aproned and busy, she was readied for the Fall .

Am  I Oh Lord?

Have I plumbed the Word of God then gladly served another?

Have I loved His Holy presence engaging prayer for others?

Have I learned  a sense of rhythm … when to  stop and when to go?

Have I kept a watch on sin so darkness could not grow?

Have I celebrated, wept, and shared my life with someone near?

Have I walked through pain and loss with a stranger become dear?

If I have, my summer faith has produced a store of grace .

Autumn rain will come.

Winter shadows will be found.

Plenty will be stored.

God’s goodness will abound.

“Blessed be the one you choose and bring near. We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house…”Psalm 65:4

Pantry Faith is a Holy Place.

” A good man brings good out of the good STORED up in his heart… “Luke 6:45a






Grains of Summertime Faith
Jun 06, 2015

How precious are your thoughts ,O God! How vast is the sum of them.

Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of  sand… Psalm 139: 17-18a


Time at the beach in the summer is a truly an  experience of  release and renewal.

The constancy of the ocean roar punctuates the ever present wave movements every day whether sunny or stormy.

The voices of children remind us that we are like them — looking for a break …for some daydreaming time.

Riding the waves is exhilarating but also exhausting for  the ocean is a force that demands our constant attention.

The picnic  lunch is always  delicious  for no matter what  it is –the salt air makes us hungry.

An umbrella at high noon is a welcomed respite.

A good book  to read as  the afternoon  unfolds  provides an inner sanctuary to  somewhere untraveled.

BUT….IT IS THE SAND under your feet between your toes, a cushioned freedom that draws out the weary tension from your body and invites your mind to open the door to fresh perspective.

Countless  grains of sand  pillow our feet  restoring  to us a new rhythm  as we walk .

Liberated  from  our daily ritual  we breathe in fresh creativity.

SAND is amazing… tiny particles with shapes representing something that was broken.

Castles can be sculpted from it, forts, holes can be dug and one can be buried in it.

It is a warm, pleasurable  summertime phenomenon.

And   YET..the scripture tells us that God’s thoughts to us are as numerous as the grains of sand!!!!

What a concept!

Take time to think upon this  personal word to you from the Word of God!

HE  vigilantly, purposely  thinks about you and me  MORE profusely than the grains of sand!

Be reminded  of His love for you as you walk upon the sand this summer.

Take in His Love as you ” take in” the beach.

Love Him back with gratitude and thanksgiving as you live your life… aware that HE is present, watching and waiting to give  you More.

Ask for His Dreams.

They are bigger than yours.

Grow your faith.

” I led them with chords of human kindness with ties of love.”  Hosea 11:4b

Have a “Sandsational” Summer in Him!


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